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Ladder Hitch has a developed a simple device to secure your ladder.  Set up is simple and prevents your ladder from tipping, shifting or sliding out.  What better piece of mind to know that while getting on or off your ladder that its not going anywhere.  Weather you have a crew going up and down 40 times a day or for your own safety a few times, this device does the job hands down.  There have been many times a ladder has been blown over while people are on the roof, leaving them stranded, never again. 

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Contractor for Remote Internet Satellite Systems :  I personally used this device in northern Ontario where there was no one else to hold my ladder and no where to tie off.  I didn't have to worry about the winds or having my ladder shift while I was there for the day.  Awesome product.

Take a look the video of a ladder not moving while secured with a Ladder Hitch product.

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